What no one ever said to me …

I remember my maths teacher telling me how long I had left at school and to do maths, he said if we didn’t worry about sleeping that in a little over a few days we’d be finished and, it seemed to me, that school would never end. I can grab that feeling now as though nothing new would ever happen in my life and always I’d be just a school kid.

Well, that was a while back now, the late 70’s and, yes, we were in colour back then! I laugh because even years after leaving it was still obvious I’d not yet earned my adult wings, that didn’t happen until I was early 20’s when the world seemed to finally accept I qualified as an equal!

Take my advice though, it doesn’t matter what you do in life just as long as you are always true to yourself. Don’t try to be what others want or what you think they expect, be the best you can be for you. If you can possibly avoid it, never forget being a kid is fun. I don’t mean a teen getting pissed etc, I mean, a genuine innocent kid who just knows how to have fun. Enjoy life and try to remember every bit of it, good or bad, it is what makes you who you are.

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