I was in Church earlier

Well, I was there and what was said sort of made sense. Basically, we each have choices, fundamentally we are meant to worship God but that the act of worship should not be our driving force, doing the right thing should.

She gave an example … if Jesus was around now and, hypothetically, his mother was in hospital, would he go to church of visit his mother? The answer, she said, was obvious, he’d visit his mother.

The moral there is, there is no point trusting in God to give us the right answer if we then ignore what our inner self tells us to do waiting for God to sort something! Just maybe we are missing the point. If we feel something is the right thing to do then, quite possibly, THAT, is what God wants us to do.

She also said, if we know our children are doing wrong, do we sit by and allow them to do it hoping God will show them the way or, do we accept that God made us their parents so that we should have the wisdom to show them the way? We should not expect miracle intervention, we are shown the path, we have to follow it. There is always time to worship later.

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