If I were this government … and thankfully, I’m not

Right now I would be planning huge cuts in services across the board. I’d make thousands unemployed. Once the cost of running all those services is saved I’d invest some modest sums in charities which perform the same task on a smaller scale and, I’d encourage, with the use of volunteers, for them to expand to take up the slack.

The charities could be a lot more ruthless on who they help meaning that a great many will never get the help they need but who can probably cope anyway. The staff to volunteer for all this extra work? Ah, this is the best part. A change in the law to abolish the minimum wage would not be tolerated but, it is what the government needs. What could happen is, all those out of work are told in no uncertain terms that they ‘volunteer’ and, for this they will be paid an amount the government decides is what they need to live on. They’ll have millions doing 35 hour weeks for a little over £1 and hour! Taxation will come from the consumer taxation of VAT which is already announced to increase by a further 2.5% to 20%. Duty on tobacco, alcohol and fuel will also rise at above inflation rates.

In theory, the welfare bill could almost be made so small as to be insignificant. All those remaining in work will be expected to support those living with them out of work.

If anyone thinks, by the way, that the current benefit system is fair then, think again!

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