There are some funny people in this world!

Earlier on this year someone added me on Facebook. Quite soon she was adding many people I knew. We were starting to wonder who this was as there was so little on her profile. To be on the safe side and, suspecting it may be someone pretending to be someone else, I was careful what I wrote to them. Eventually, it did become very obvious it was someone faking a profile. I challenged them to stay if they wanted but, today they deleted the profile.

I have never done anything to upset this person, I just exist. She added me and my family just to take the piss out of us and to try and get extra ammunition to use against my friends, it is all rather sad.

Speaking of sad … Look, I fully understand that James has issues, what they are, I don’t have a clue but he has them and it is for Daisy and him to sort out. I think Daisy would have liked to sort it out between them but, it seems, they are going to have to take the legal route. I totally get all that. I don’t like it but – such is life.

What I don’t get is this … James mum wants to support her son. Quite right too, most parents would want to do that. But, she not only has a son she has a grandson too who is, without any dispute at all, totally blameless of anything and has the right and deserves to have all his grandparents. So, why is it then that, in order to support James, he has banned her from seeing Josh unless he is involved? I’ll be honest here. If Josh lived with James and Daisy was in James position yet, James offered to let me have contact with Josh, well, I am sorry Daisy, but he’s my grandson, I am going to have that contact. Why is James mum not taking the same attitude or, is James intimidating her so much with the possibility that he’ll run off again if she doesn’t do everything he wants that she has no choice in the matter? Now, that is sad.

I am shattered, I mean, totally feeling ill, can’t focus kind of shattered. On the plus side, I have now achieved a lot of the things on my ‘to do’ list despite having to work through loads of interruptions. I do still have several things to do though, some of which are being added to by what I have already achieved. I think I may have some spare time Thursday … I hope

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