A knackering day

There’s another type?

Had a little bit of stress last night as I wrote about, all sorted now. I’d far rather sort things out agreeing as adults instead of having to the legal route but, some people won’t listen and, I’d never take the legal route if I wasn’t certain I’d win.

Spent the day supposedly relaxing today but, it did still rather feel like work. Hey ho, tis the trouble with wearing more than one hat I guess. As a Carer I should be relaxing, as a volunteer, I have work to do. Much like my home life and how incredibly difficult it is to balance my role as friend or family and that of an employer. On the one hand, I want to sympathise, hug and make it all better but, on the other side, I have to be professional and kick ass … as professionally as ass can be kicked … you get my drift. Anyone who thinks it’s easy should try it some time … it’s sort of like parenting!

The new car should, they tell me, be ready around December 27th … I am so not counting on that happening!

Damn payrol people are running late again and I am not a happy bunny.

Am glad to be in touch with some friends I’d lost touch with, it’s nice to have them back.

Ah yes … dummy!

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