If there is one thing I hate …

It’s a liar and, annoyingly, it is very obvious that at least one person I live with is exactly that and it makes me feel as uncomfortable as possible to know that!

Been working through some of the features of Adobe Photoshop CS5, oh boy, a huge learning curve there.

Have also been working through Microsoft Office 2010, that’s not so difficult, not much different to 2007.

Today I finally committed to ordering my holiday vouchers from Tesco. Scares the hell out of me as it is £350 in vouchers (cash equivalent) amounting to £1400 discount off a Virgin Holiday. Right now, I don’t even know I can afford the holiday and, if it turns out I can’t, I have just thrown away £350!


I thought the above link funny and applies to at least one person I know all too well. Of course, if it doesn’t work, then forget what I just wrote!

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