Ooer … Writer 2011!

I come on here all ready to make a blog entry and, wow, my software is ahead of itself and in 2011 already!

I have done loads of work today on the Carers website, Done a total revamp because the Young Carers Website is going live soon and I wanted them to compliment each other. Am not sure whether I am being brave or just plain stupid?

Deej is off for the week tomorrow, staying with his sister and her family in Kent, am going to miss him loads but, I think we could both do with a break, at least one of us gets one!

Took a picture of Adam yesterday and done some editing in CS5 and am very pleased with the results, I hope Adam likes it too

Going to book Florida tomorrow, kind of nervous as I don’t really think I have the money but, sometimes I just have to take the risk

Ordered some new specs earlier, don’t think I really like them but, they are barely affordable and I do need something I can see clearly with. They recommend laser eye surgery. They don’t think I’d be cured but I would be able to get my vision to a point where glasses will make a significant difference to me.

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