Words can’t even start to describe how damn angry I am right now!!!

The damn Coach House just called to tell me they can’t make it today because they have arranged for another service user to go out today! Just like that, no how terribly sorry they are or how much they apologise for leaving it until 1 1/2 hours before they are due here to tell us!!

I have been on the phone to them, they knew Tuesday, they even had a meeting about it yesterday and yet, they decided yesterday to pass it on to a staff member to say they were not coming this morning despite it being a management decision!!!

In the words of the manager I just spoke to “We never saw it as an arrangement, just a request”. So, as a request they don’t have to show any courtesy at all? She lied to me, she tried to pretend no one knew until this morning and then admitted about the meeting yesterday!

We really don’t need this sort of shit from people we are meant to be able to trust!

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