The future looks bright

We are heading away from the dizzy heatwave of summer (I made that bit up) and heading for the long British winter. It does seem hard to believe with temperatures still around 17°C in places but it is November and, very soon, we shall be doing Christmas!

We have a week in Disneyland Paris to look forward to very soon and, subject to the top box fitting the car (Sean), everything is looking good for that. Josh was in the Disney store earlier on today and was dancing away to one of the parade tunes from the large, in store screen, he does seem to enjoy his Disney. I am not quite so certain to how he will react to a 7’ Sully from Monsters Inc but who knows, he may be OK!

Going into Christmas and it is quite clear who the important players are around that time. Not a lot has changed since Josh’s first Christmas last year but then it was uncertain where we were heading. I think events (or lack of them) from the past few months have demonstrated clearly that his family in Kent and Birmingham have no interest in him at all so it will be those here who make a point of seeing him and knowing him who are his future now. It’s a weird bunch in some ways, I am not sure what the traditional family is but, it isn’t ours! There is me and Deej, the granddads along with Grandma Kris and Nanny Clare. He has plenty of aunts and uncles too, too many to have me do a huge list but those who actually seem to care would be Uncle Matt and Auntie Anne, Auntie Jess and Uncle Chris, Auntie Zoey, Auntie Anastasia and Auntie Kim. Auntie and Uncle Latina & Tarantino are a little too young to take their place. There is Uncle Jermaine, of course, but he’s a little too distant in so many ways to play a huge role. On top of that are all the close family friends who love being part of Josh’s life … he is one very lucky young man who has all the love he could need.

Deej and me are off to Florida again next year for a second try at a relaxing, fun filled time after my illness sort of spoiled our honeymoon. It will be good to do many of the rides missed out on last time and many new ones never done before!

Am not sure, as yet, what the arrangements are for Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Eve are yet, we need to get that sorted quite soon. It is not going to involve any webcam sessions, I know that much! This year is for close family and those friends who matter, as it should be. Not to say that anyone else is ruled out for ever but, sometimes people need to make an effort to be part of something good like we have here.

I think 2011 is going to be fun and interesting. I anticipate some troubled waters not least on the financial front but I am hopeful it shall be much less an emotional roller coaster as 2010 has been.

Am really pleased that Danny’s dad, Dan seems to have made a full recovery, he’s a lovely man.

This year I have also been able to play a positive role in the lives of others and be of some help which always makes the effort worth while.

Is it worth taking bets on whether the new car will be this year or next? I suspect well into next year myself!

Decided to take the plunge and book myself some holistic therapy sessions. I really think it will do me some good. The only downside is having to drive there but, I guess I can live with that … not like I have a choice!

In 2011 I want the money aspect of life to work out as I have plans in my mind that will only work with the money to pay for them so, fingers crossed and, no, I am not saying what they are.

Will I be a granddad for the 3rd or even 4th time in 2011? Isn’t it exciting?

I give Sean & Daisy a hard time over their education, I think they need a kick to make sure they keep on the ball with it. That’s not the same as me saying I don’t have any confidence in what they can achieve. If I thought they were both heading for a fail I wouldn’t bother at all. It is difficult being 17 & 18, doing a full time education and being a mum & dad but, all things considered, they are OK at it. When I look around at some of the messy teens there are around, the total losers who have just lied and cheated to get what they have and disrespect people, hell, sod, it, I am not going to start comparing Daisy & Sean to them!

Hey, my little Matt, all grown up. I am loads proud of him and what he has achieved and he’s turned into a fine man. Still has some stuff to learn but, he’s getting there. He is so fortunate, not that he needs me to tell him, to have found Anne. She’s a good mum and a fun person … I love the way it can take an age to tell one story that she finds funny because she laughs so much!

I want 2011 filled with good people in my life, those who give a shit and who don’t lie. Even if it is the only liar free year I get it’ll be good.

Hmm, is that the kettle I hear?

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