Blue Skies

It is lovely to wake up to blue skies in the morning, it’s one of those ‘anything is possible’ sort of days but, I may choose to do nothing.

Once again I have woken up with a headache. I don’t know why it is happening every morning and it is starting to get annoying … thankfully I have something to take, thank you Robin.

Speaking of Robin … I’d like to thank him for being an amazing friend. Annoyingly he is undervalued, used and abused by too many. It would appear to that, at least my grandchildren type babies love him and he’d never have thought it possible to have any mutual feeling of happiness between him and a child I suspect! Kids make very quick judgements between good people and bad people.

I was watching some video yesterday of the Boggy Creek airboat trip me and Deej will be doing next year. Hmm, I got the feeling it has the potential to disappoint! I was hoping it would be teaming with alligators, huge ones and yet, all the clips I saw seemed to just have baby alligators and lots of birds with the focus on speed. Still, if Deej gets to see just one alligator in the wild it will be one more than he managed last time!

Josh is still teething, not sleeping well, not eating well and, it seems Imogen is in the same boat. Hopefully, both will be over this spell of discomfort soon.

James should be in deep shame for what he did walking out. Every week and month makes being part of Josh’s life seem all the more impossible. The more I find out about his life in Kent, the more angry I get. Josh deserved better in a dad and, thankfully, he has it, in Sean.

My previous statement about having sorted all the Christmas gifts may have been premature. It seems we really have not yet sorted all the gifts, back to the drawing board. The balance I never seem to get is, do people prefer quantity or quality, a couple of high value gifts or a selection of cheaper ones? I probably have that wrong this year, it doesn’t look right because some will have just a couple of gifts whilst others have several … oh, why does something so enjoyable have to be so stressful!

Down to Disneyland in a couple of weeks and I am really nervous and that isn’t good. I am getting stressed because of who is going and whether or not the personalities are going to rub each other, there could be too much bickering, too many delays and the whole experience is soured by not enough consideration to others. The trouble with my being this stressed is, as soon as I relax, I am near certain to get ill and, with so much driving to do and my being the only driver, that just gives me more stress!

Party tonight, I’m driving so no drinking (again). Not that I am much of a drinker anyway but, somehow, not being able to makes me feel like I should all the more!

Had a meeting at Coach House yesterday, all seemed to go OK. Jermaine was a little grumpy, seemed a little tired but, apart from that he was alright.

Tea and a late breakfast I think.

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