OK, so 2010 wasn’t a total disaster, too unbelievable for a soap but nothing out of the ordinary for us!

2011 is looking promising if we ignore the shit the government is about to throw on us and the almost unaffordable price of fuel which for diesel, what I use, is either £1.33 a litre, £6.05 a UK gallon or $7.96 a US gallon! Driving is fast becoming a luxury here. If travelling as a family, it is just about the only option as well as the cost of public transport becomes prohibitive once the journey cost gets multiplied a few times.

Not only are we having to pay directly so much for the fuel but it is also forcing store prices for essentials up as well. Our government would have us believe that current inflation sits at just over 4%, it seems they clearly don’t consider food in the inflation package or domestic fuel tariffs as both have risen at something crazy like 20%.

It is a sad fact that this government is also causing strife up and down the country. I am uncertain whether Zoey’s contract for her PA will be renewed this year. If not, it means she goes unsupported and someone who may not get another job is on the unemployment register. Even if they do, I have to sit down with them and discuss progress this year which may mean some changes have to be made. Not looking forward to decisions I may be forced to make if Zoey speaks her mind.

Me and Matt are soon to be appearing in the public spotlight again. It’s a risk but, one I hope is worth taking. Anyway, the last time it all went wrong we ended up, after a few years of hell, better off anyway. I believe this time we are far better protected and, should something start, words can be had in the right ears.

Have a new car now, Renault Grand Scenic. Have been using the right pedal rather too much and the fuel economy is currently nothing like the expected 40+mpg, barely half that. I am hoping that now I have got used to it, that figure shall improve.


I also have a new lens for my camera, it was used to take this picture from the house. It’s a zoom lens, not a huge zoom but significant enough. It’s really heavy though so I expect I shall have to get a lot more used to using a tripod.

This time of year is crap for taking pictures, well, when it is wet and dreary like this. Got some excellent pictures in the snow over Christmas but, with all the mud about, there really isn’t a lot to do outdoors worth taking pictures of. I need some models to come forward and volunteer themselves.

I need to lose weight, the gravity effect is causing me too much pain so, eat less I think.

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