‘The Sun’

Someone commented that the article we did was not entirely true. In that, they are correct. Some details were changed for various reasons. Some of those reasons are:

  • Lack of Space
  • Not having got the permission of those concerned first
  • To try, with near impossibility, to blur certain details so as not to create a bigger issue for us or anyone else
  • Because too much detail would have detracted from the basic story which is totally accurate

It just isn’t possible to include every last detail. We never mentioned about anyone having special needs. Job descriptions were changed because papers just like neat edges, ‘Carer’ would be meaningless to many people.

Those of us who were deeply involved with ‘all’ of the issues know what realities there were besides those printed and that is what matters. At the end of the day, it sold a story which was accurate enough to be recognisable which may also mean something to the reader.

To ‘anonymous’, I hope that satisfies your anger. I didn’t post your comment, it didn’t serve a purpose or add anything useful. Next time, perhaps speak to me directly about it? What I would love to see is your version of events from your point of view.

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