2 Replies to “At the end of the road, take the fairy”

  1. I'm sorry things haven't worked out the way you hoped. Although it's the adults that are making the mistakes, it's the child that suffers.
    I have to say though, Javis isn't the only person telling you lies. There is another person in your life who is stringing you along, and you can't see it yet.
    The situation is VERY similar to your situation with Javis, Daisy and Josh. The person involved is lying through his teeth and it will eventually come out.
    As you have said, Josh has two wonderful parents in Daisy and Sean. They are all he needs.

  2. I do know that way too many people in this town tell me lies, it seems to have become a local pass-time. Quite simply, there are very few people I trust, I am wary of just about everyone now.

    One major problem being, lots of gossip, rarely any proof.

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