Is it next year yet?

I was just wondering as, so far, this year has already had too many changes and that is only the start of it. The remainder of the year is going to see me reeling from the up and downs, swings and roundabouts, tops and turvy’s! I am going to see the biggest reductions in my income for years. I am already seeing the biggest increase in my outgoings for years! I think, and I really don’t know yet, that I am going to maybe have to get used to a totally different way of living.

The chance of setting up my own internet and IT business is looking all the more attractive. I got told this week that, had the government not have totally screwed up the finances, that the charity I volunteer for could really do with having me ‘in house’. Oh well, maybe things will recover before I retire and there could be a job for me there. I have other groups approaching me asking if I would sort out their website needs as well, all whilst I get ever increasing obligations at home. I may well take the opportunity to go spend a week on my own in the countryside, read a book or do something more useful than just the same old routine at home.

In the meantime, I have an important and busy week coming up. Legal matters to deal with and hopefully with an outcome everyone is satisfied with. I need to make sure, as much as I am in a position to do so, that Javis’s move goes well this week or, as well as it can given the near zero budget for it now. It’s a huge step for him, the first time he has started on the adult path to responsibility … next step, hopefully a job very soon before things get too difficult.

Do you ever order something from somewhere, moan they are taking too long, cancel and then end up regretting the choice made for the ‘better seller’? I do! I cancelled an order with a company I can trust to try another which looked OK but turned out to be a bunch of crooks in Hong Kong and now I am struggling to get my money back. I not only need the money but, the delays have put a project I was planning on hold! Damn me for being so impatient.

Spent some money on some new tops last week, truth is, I am just too fat for the ones I normally wear and have been showing off my huge belly, can’t be a pleasant site.

I need to have a lottery win … do you think it would help much if I bought a ticket?

On that note, time to tag some new pics on Facebook

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