“It’s all about the economy stupid!”

Well, that’s what it feels like having spent several hours today going over the household budget and the Social Services budget. One is looking good, the other, not so 
With all the changes in employees over the past year, different ways of doing things etc, I seem to have made a cock-up. Effectively, I have enough money for wages but nothing else. Actually, I may not have enough for wages either and that means, any shortfall comes from my own pocket. With the tax contribution I have to pay and the payroll fees, that could be a few hundred quid!
All my video’s are now completed, I am totally up to date. This means, I have nothing stopping me now concentrating my efforts onto the new website for the Carers … except lack of time of course!
Did a scary thing yesterday, I updated the ROM on my phone. That sounds simple enough, and, indeed, it is, just press a button which says all sorts of things like “if this screws up your phone is dead” or, “getting this wrong will mean your very expensive phone is worthless” … so, true, all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse, it also takes a fair degree of nerve as well. So far, the issues I was having do seem to have gone.

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