A busy Month …. but then, I knew it would be!

After the wonderful time in Disney it was off to Alton Towers for a couple of days, a couple of very expensive days which could easily have been a fraction of the cost had we realised Zoey was not going to play ball. She didn’t want to do much the first day, had to be asked over and over what she was going to do and, on the second day she just wanted to spend money she didn’t have rather than doing rides, something we could have done the first day. So, turns out we could have not bothered with the second day at all, could have saved loads on an overpriced hotel and meals .. we live and learn I guess.

The following week and we were in a lodge in Suffolk ….

Northamptonshire Carers own two lodges here and we went partly as a short break for Zoey but also because me and Javis were volunteering to create a promotional video for the place. On that last note, we were not overly successful seeing as just about all of Suffolk was closed. Not many people on the site also meant that any video we did couldn’t really show the place as a great social environment what with only us and one other group in the bar!

With regard to Zoey, she wasn’t playing ball here either. Even more money was wasted on activities she seemed to want no part of when we got there despite asking to do them when the break was arranged. It has literally cost me hundreds of pounds of my own money arranging all of this and yet, Zoey seems to have got nothing out of it at all. Very expensive and frustrating.

I shall have to think a lot more carefully about spending money on Zoey in the coming year.

I am still keen on my photography but it is having to be object based at the moment as, apart from kids and grandkids, all my models have deserted me. Even Tesco can offer some opportunities though, even with a silly mobile phone camera …

My favourite flowers, carnations.

I have also ordered a new car. I know, I said not again for three years but, the Renault is giving me 27.8mpg and I just can’t afford it so I needed something more sensible so, I have ordered this which I should get in about 3 weeks or so ..

It’s a Seat Leon Copa 1.6 diesel thingy which promises at least 50mpg, we shall see but it had better do!

A lot of time has also been spent working on the Northamptonshire Carers new website but I have hit a brick wall. There are some technical issues which are gonna take some time to sort. This is the look of it but, it may end up being shelved …

Weather looking good for my birthday Saturday, I’d give any and all gifts away if I can just have a happy day with no tension

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