Oh dear!

I hear poor Robin has a shop injury … he was gliding up a slope to a sweet shop in France in his wheelchair when the wheelchair tipped backward … the slope is OK and so is Robin. But seriously, hope he’s OK and enjoying himself in France with David.
A family member got some distressing news earlier and I am very NOT happy about it! No matter though, this family is strong and, sticking together we’ll get through anything.
Met a new friend the passed day or so and she’s very nice indeed, we approve muchly.
Zoey, yes, you are reading this right, got her hair cut this morning … this is the result:

Yep, I Knew you’d be impressed! We think the top looks good on her too but she won’t wear it other than for this picture.
Got a scare earlier when the garage told me they needed to have the car authorised from Motability today! A couple of phone calls sorted it, just glad I could!
Busy day tomorrow in the lovely weather over at Pitsford with Zoey, Javis and Immy 

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