Riots, the end of Facebook as we know it?

All rather over stated about Facebook, it’s just kind of dead this evening.

Am getting most keen to have another grandson on the scene and, better yet, to have both my new grandsons on the scene. Am seriously hoping I am not too shattered to be of any use to anyone!

Hurting like hell most days, just not enough rest really and a lot of stress muscle knotting .. may have to find the money from somewhere to make a visit to Caroline.

Holiday only a month away now, well, a month and a day … sort of looking forward to it but, nervous at the same time of what may happen at home when I am gone.

The ‘finances’ are looking bleak, serious efforts have to be made to stop spending at the rate we are else we’ll be in trouble (which we’re not yet)

Probably off to Macro tomorrow, see if I can save some cash on bulk purchases … am thinking beef and pork, shall have to see

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