November already and, apparently, nearly December!

Look, I don’t write here often enough, I know it, you know it and anyone who doesn’t know it has no idea this blog even exists!

I got a message on Facebook Sunday night, I didn’t believe it was possible for that person to sink any lower. They managed to make ‘low’ seem like the new ‘high’ and I can only hope that, one day they will realise that threatening people, especially ‘certain’ people, is not the way to live a life. Because of that message, some time this week I am going to have to do something I didn’t really want to do and confront that person personally to see if there can be an ‘understanding’, a way to move forward with, at the very least a compromise to agree to differ. I sure as hell don’t want this dragging on forever and a day, it’s high time the cycle came to an end.

I opened a site some months ago, not connected with the above by the way.

One day I am going to be a little unable to communicate effectively so I thought to myself, maybe I should write down some of the things I think about which may help in some situations. Not everyone would agree with me but, if they were to ask me, the site says what I would answer with.

I have got myself a cold, it’s not the flu, I am not about to die! I have a runny nose, aches and pains and my temperature is all over the place … apart from that I am fine!

OMG! This time next week eh?

Meanwhile, back to this week … Wednesday I have a lovely relax session! The day before our Danny becomes a legal citizen of the UK and the day after that, Josh is up the hospital for some tests which I just sense isn’t going to be easy. Things are probably fine but something flagged up the other week and they want to be sure it’s all OK. On Friday I am meeting Royalty, a genuine Princess and nothing to do with Disney! The Princess Royal who you and me probably know  as Princess Anne is on the scene and I need to go do my bit for her mum and country and all that. Saturday, not sure … it’s Pete’s birthday … maybe I should get some packing done too at some point as it’ll be a little late after Saturday.

Why am I up this early (or late)? Well, it is 4am (which I will have to get used to being 11pm) and I am not sleeping. My temperature went a little silly so I was shivering loads. Daisy was up so we watched some TV, Deej was also about so one of those weird, let’s all watch TV in the early hours of the morning moments. No rush to get out of bed tomorrow so should be OK.

Hey, Tyler came around earlier, lovely to see him as always.

Finished the September Florida video, couldn’t get it below 45 minutes. There was way too much to cut anything more than I did. The sad bit is, because it was with Javis, not many people want to see it so, another really happy time and memory not being shared.

I think we have Christmas sorted now, just deciding on what to have for dinner left to do now … oh shit, I have a holiday to book tomorrow! Hope she doesn’t call too early!

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