So far in 2012 …


Still trying to move things on with getting Jermaine moved back to Northampton but simply don’t trust the people behind it so it’s probably never going to happen. Our feeling is that this is cost driven and all they can think about is how much they can save money so this ‘has’ to happen and they’ll configure any package to be in Jermaine’s best interest whether it is or not!

Done a visit down to Kent already which was an epic event visiting several people in the one weekend staying all over the place in Kent and Essex.

Kids and Grandchildren all doing OK

Tech Stuff

Did a PC rebuild as it was just plain horrible. Pleased to say that after replacing some memory modules and totally reloading the OS, everything seems to be working OK.


Been having Reiki sessions which are lovely, not been having massage which is a bummer as I really need it.

My eye cyst is getting worse to the point where my vision is seriously affected, am not even sure I should be driving to be honest. Hopefully I will get an appointment at the hospital to sort that out soon. Already made an appointment to get my hearing sorted, these hearing aids are horrible, am sick of not hearing people, it’s knocking my confidence so has to be sorted. On new medication for allergies which makes me feel tired and even more dizzy (yes, that’s apparently possible!) Ha a flu jab too so hardly a shock that right now I feel like crap!


I already did a blog about this. Loving it and can’t get enough. Not only do I enjoy the taking of pictures but also finishing them off in the edit phase or, ‘touching my subjects up’ as one sitter described it!


Still in the planning stage of two New York visits but do have the Spain trip all sorted now so that’s exciting

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