After 3 weeks

Had my eye surgery, still not quite healed yet but, every day gives me better vision and it is nearly at the point it was prior to me getting the lump in the first place. Still having the antibiotic gunk in my eye each day which I don’t like at all!

Had some nice chats with some dear friends, sadly, two of them ended up paying a lot out with parking tickets but I really did appreciate everything they did for me, helped me clear my mind and come to at least some decisions on some of the issues bugging me.

My birthday was really good (June 4) with Daisy, Sean & Adam paying for me to go on one of those mad climbing through the trees, zip wire and balance things … was quite awesome, forgot how much I enjoyed those things! Thankfully I didn’t copy my last attempt at something slightly similar in Florida and go arse over tit down anything! Got taken out for a meal with Matt & Anne which I also really enjoyed. I am sure I am more content with activities than I am with stuff.

We are all set for Spain (nearly) and really looking forward to it!

It appears I have still not won the lottery but then, maybe we need to wait until there is some sort of record involved? Personally, I’d settle for the £126,000,000 currently on offer. That still earns nearly a million a year in interest! I reckon that may just be enough to live off.

Looking forward to Saturday with Nick, it promises to be an interesting performance.

Had a party last Saturday and I am so glad it wasn’t to celebrate my birthday as some may have thought. From my point of view, it was a total disaster to the point it is unlikely I’d bother with another!

As I thought, with me fast approaching 50, the local authority have withdrawn many of the over 50 reductions on leisure activities! Always the way is that!

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