Midweek Update

Well, I am facing he exciting prospect of taking the trash out the back for collection tomorrow, I so hope there are no maggots anywhere, it’s the one phobia I don’t seem to be able to get over (shudders)

The car is almost fixed thanks to Adam, need a little more doing to it before it’s totally OK again but better than it was, the rest will need to be sorted by the main dealer.

Considered a council home swap, it appears no one anywhere in the civilised world wants to move to Northampton, and who can blame them?! I may just have to win the lottery after all and go that way to somewhere better. I really want to get away from this place and the bad memories it holds for me. There have been some amazingly good times too but, no one should ever have to feel threatened or uncomfortable in their own town, on their own street like I do. Now may not be the best time, it may get better but, I either need to lock myself in the safety of my bedroom or get myself out of town as much as possible!

I am so not playing flipping Minecraft! I don’t see the fascination with it apart from something good to help me sleep because that’s what it does watching it, way up there with Farmville on levels of excitement for me!

Finally got an appointment to see a consultant for my eye, October 29th, Danny’s birthday! That means surgery is probably unlikely this year. Trying to stay positive, it should resolve it this time but then again, it’s only been since end of May and the growth is already as big as it took nearly 2 years to get to before!

I decided I am going to have to start changing something around in the house, I just keep looking at things which Javis set up and it’s driving me mad, right now I need no reminders at all of that bully in my life. May need to be an idiot and start lifting things way too heavy for me, sounds like fun! Just slightly concerned that if I combine my bedroom with the office I shall get zero privacy. Both at the moment seem to be a free for all to come and go as they please, not a lot of respect going on so, combined I may feel like I am spending time in the busiest part of the house!

I doubt I’ll get a holiday next year now. I did have some mad, stupid idea that I’d get back to Florida to relax for a couple of weeks but, can’t see that happening with no one to share the costs. Tyler has his girlfriend which is bound to zap his options, Javis has gone, that’s just me then and, having done it on my own before, it’s not really what I am looking for. Rides in the single rider lane are quicker but, who the hell do I compare notes with afterwards? That was the issue in 2004 anyway, the last time I did the same thing. There is another element I’d have liked to have added to the holiday too and that also is very unlikely so, hey ho, another time. Saying all that as though I think there is any realistic chance of actually having any money of course!

I need a hair cut, just thought I’d throw that in there!

My PC is too slow, it takes so long to load Sims 3 I just don’t get the time to play it and then the darn thing is too slow to make it useable … does anyone know the lottery numbers for this weekend they can tell just me please?

Today has not been a good day by the way, not felt happy at all which is annoying because friends and family have tried

NO! I am still not even trying Minecraft!!!!

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