Nervous much!

I am now, I wasn’t yesterday nervous about this photo shoot but, now I am! I am almost certainly too critical of my own work, others have said the results are good … the trouble for me came when they said they had no clue what they wanted really! That’s worrying, a client who has no clue what direction their pictures should go in. Fun for me and my imagination of course but, what if my imagination doesn’t match their reality? Anyway, they are taken now and I really don’t want to be doing any more so, they shall have to do. Here are some to look at for now:

There are loads more but these are what I am hoping they might like. They were all shot in bright light in Baldock Hertfordshire this morning around 10:00

On another note …. I am finding that since leaving Facebook (for now) I am actually contacting people, real people who actually contact me back, how awesome is that? I plan to start meeting people soon as well, you know, like we used to back in the old days before Poking someone was as close as we got to physically being there.

Been tired all day today, dead annoying! Tomorrow I need to be awake! Off to Kent and looking forward to it!

Been looking into dating sites, not to meet someone special but just to broaden my contact base. I’ve barely made that many new friends in recent years so thought perhaps I should make an effort.

OMG! 4 weeks tomorrow until New York, it’s a little bit awesome really.

I still need my hair cut! Maybe I should save money and just wait until closer New York?

Maybe another bath tonight or, perhaps a shower, undecided on it at the moment … depends if I can get anywhere near the TV, I may play on the xbox and, whilst I am at it, make sure a certain someone is totally disconnected from me on there!

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