Today …

I was just about holding it together, trying not to let things get to me and then I get home to a letter from the council telling me that I now have to pay £88.70 to them for rent and council tax because Deej has left, I only actually get £103 a week leaving me less than £15! Obviously (hopefully) there has been some sort of cock up but, in the meantime, I am no doubt going to start getting those threatening letters they send out demanding I pay up or else.

Quite honestly I feel that the best thing for me to do is to become a total and utter bastard who treats people like shit, they seem to do alright out of life, being an OK person clearly isn’t working out for me.

Being really upset and frustrated I then upset someone who I care about which just upset me more making me feel even more like shit.

As of now I wish life would just go away and leave me alone, I can’t run fast enough to keep up with it all falling apart so quickly

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