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Link to the Letter Northamptonshire Carers sent to me


Basically, what that says is that I am sacked! What was my crime?

On my website ‘Wotalife’ I had one page which said that I was prepared to effectively take any pictures a client may want of an intimate nature. Those sort of pictures have thus far been either guys with soft willies or a female very pregnant and very tasteful. So, I had this page and thought nothing of it. However, there was a link to my website from the Northamptonshire Carers website and someone at the charity HQ noticed that page on my site and went to defcom 1. I received an email several days later telling me that I had to break all connection between the two sites, promise not to use the camera partly funded by them for anything of ‘that nature’ and to refuse to do any work on any Carers photographically. Further they told me they would not accept any charitable donations from my photographic work. Not only did they tell me this but they also insisted that when the hard copy of the letter arrived that I sign and return it to them within 14 days else there would be serious consequences!

I immediately contacted them and apologised for any perceived offence and that I would write ‘Wotalife’ again so as not to cause an issue and would also remove the links but would not be signing anything as to do so would be to agree to their assertion that any failure to do so ‘would’ harm the reputation of Northamptonshire Carers and ‘would’ lose them funding, as they decided ‘would’ happen.

They said they didn’t care what changes I made, I still had to sign that letter.

I then produced ample evidence by way of weblogs of visitors to Wotalife to prove that there simply cannot be any risk as the site just didn’t have the sort of visitor numbers to have proved problematic. The figures were very small indeed and only went into double figures after this staff member drew attention to it. I also explained at length how, now that the ‘offending’ page had been changed, it was impossible for it to be of any further risk even if we agreed with the assumption that it would have before. I explained in full and dumbed down technical detail just about every way I could that there simply wasn’t an issue here.

However, today I got a letter telling me I was effectively sacked.

To make matters worse, because they own the domain name, they’ve transferred it to their own server along with some of my content!

To make it doubly worse … they knew about this decision of theirs last Wednesday, they also knew that I had been asked to work by them on Friday and, I had also reminded them this was the case yet no one saw fit to tell me I wasn’t needed. I gave up 5+ hours of my time there and an hour or so editing pictures all for nothing!

At no time did they so much as ask for a face to face meeting to discuss anything, just a superior attitude that they were right, I was wrong, they didn’t need to prove anything, just treat me like a common pervert!

It would be fair to say it’s made me damn angry!


Oh, not the good news yet …

My phone died after less than 18 months. O2 says ‘not our problem’ but, HTC say, ‘sure, we’ll repair it under warranty as long as it is a fault and not damage’. That’s great news except that I think it is damage, not damage that I caused but a design issue which seems to have pulled the power switch apart when I opened the case because the phone froze. Anyway, they are coming out Thursday to collect it.


I was so annoyed I bought myself a new phone anyway! No, I can’t really afford it but, it was either that or eat too much!


We are off on holiday this Sunday! I can’t afford that either but sod it, I am going anyway!

Get my hair done Friday which is brilliant because it’s really starting to piss me off!

Hopefully, will be trying out Squash with Adam on Friday morning

He’ll probably not thank me for mentioning this but, Robin is currently in hospital. He took a turn for the worse yesterday, chest pains. The hospital were not happy with blood test results and he’s now got to undergo some more tests … they are saying that in the best case, they will send him home not knowing what caused the pain, in the worst case, he could need heart surgery, hopefully more shall be known tomorrow. Please write me if you want more info, he seems to think they are keeping him there a few days at least.

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