Marching on

The council are almost finished with what they had planned, just a matter of 3 A4 sheets of things which need to either be completed or redone!

We have managed to build a stud wall ourselves me and Sean, went way over budget but, the end result should look good and at least it makes us feel like the house is ours as opposed to just a council house. Still major decorating to do but the end date for that is March 17th so not long now! We’ve put an event on Facebook for anyone who can help between 9th – 17th March.

I have clearly done some damage to my arm, maybe using power tools, I don’t know. I do know that it really hurts!

Did some night time photography and some slow shutter speed water shots, take a look ….

Am enjoying experimenting when I can. Decided further night time photography can wait until it warms up a little!

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