50th June 4th

Click on the image above to go to my site telling everyone what I’d like my 50th to be about. It’s not just June 4th, it’s all the moments leading up to it as well. It’s important that by June 4th I have a clear idea of who values me, why they do and who doesn’t. It’s actually really important to me as my 50th year, from 2012-2013 has been awful and totally shaken my emotions and trust, I have to rebuild somehow.

So, for me, my birthday is my chance to do that, my opportunity to establish who thinks I am important to them and who doesn’t so I can move on with my life as uncomplicated as possible. If that means that some people ‘I’ love and value will have to be removed from my life then, that will be their choice because, it’s only their actions which would make me think that’s what ‘they’ want.

This may come across as very dramatic but, after the totally fucked up year I have had where I have all but lost it, ‘I’ NEED to know who my real close friends are, who can I trust? Who thinks about me for no apparent reason as I think about them?

I do you know, I care about people

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