Nothing for May so far so …

OK, I got over the depression more or less. I am not cured, the same issues are there but I am just about on top of it with the help of some excellent friends.

We are in loads of debt still but, there is a light at the end of it, we will be hopefully back to normal again next month or the one after depending how the spending goes. We’re owed some money so that always helps.

The house is nearly always a tip these days so, doesn’t look so much like we have spent a lot on it but, ah well, part of family life I guess.

I had planned to be either working by now or well into applications but decided I needed to get myself in a good place first, I don’t want to blow my chances by having to take off sick time soon into a contract. As I am doing this without medication it could take a little while yet.

Now, I have a physical issue with my arm. My GP thinks Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I am not so sure, I thought an RSI but he thinks not. Either way, it’s stupidly painful and I have an appointment at the hospital for next month. I don’t sleep well because of it so that’s making me irritable which is also not helping me get my head totally sorted.

Trying to cut down on expenditure but, the damn energy company just increased their charges to me again so the savings I just made have been eradicated by them, this is the way things usually work so I am used to it.

Generally fairly happy, slowly removing people from my life who challenge my sanity. It hurts doing that as I am or was close to some of them but, needs to be done. It is what I call ‘protection mode’ where I have to put myself first and the needs of others after that if or when I can.

Facebook is really annoying, I seem to delete more than I read these days. It can be useful but, on the whole, it’s just annoying.

Had some good times the past month, some very good times which I am happy about

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