2 Months On

Been a busy few months … backward and forward to Kent. Getting a new Personal Assistant for Zoey, losing friends, making new ones, making plans and changing them.

Greatest change of late is my gym class activity. Am going several times a week now so, doing quite well. A lot of pain but, where there is no pain, there is no accident … I mean, gain! Am losing some bulk I don’t want and replacing it with some I don’t mind.

It would seem I am not as unattractive as I once thought I was. I am not short of admirers suggesting  long term relationships. I have never in my life been in a position where I may some day need to make choices and difficult choices at that between future chances. It is an interesting new road for me.

Not a lot apart from the above is top of my mind to write just now. Important bit is that I am doing OK and I thank those close to me, they know who they are, for helping to get me through some difficult times.

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