The year led on from 2012 as not the very best time of my life but, there were some high points too. It was great fun spending the day exploring London with Tyler, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and the most horrible Chinese soup ever that tasted like last nights washing up water!

Didn’t the year start well? Do you remember?

Yes, much snow and …

Yes, tons more snow and, as if that was not enough ..

Yet even more snow throughout the month.

Come February and I was doing some experimenting in the dark …

Indeed, I was really enjoying my photography

IMG_5991 IMG_6061

Party time:

IMG_6347jonnyMattpaul and daisySteve

Mexico comes to Northampton for Jonny & Matt’s birthday


But, sadly, heartbreak

char 2

My friend Charlotte left us

2013-03-12 17.55.54

Belgium gave me yet more snow!

2013-06-25 18.52.07 

A luxury break in June, my first ever water bed


An ambition to capture a good shot of the moon fulfilled


Some wildlife Photography on one of the many visits to Kent throughout the year.


One day in August I looked up at the stars and did what a friendly cricket once instructed me to do, I wished upon a star and, this is when I first started talking to Jo


Right now, the 8,000 miles apart are killing me but, hopefully this will be the last Christmas and New Years Eve with me on my own.

2013-09-26 20.53.30IMG_84032013-09-24 09.50.472013-09-25 11.40.50

Another luxury break, this time to North Wales

I love finding bargains and negotiating down a price so I get luxury breaks for the price some may be for a tent in a field!

Sadly, this break also marked the end of the Seat Leon which was mechanically written off with the gearbox both myself and Adam had been going on about since we got it two years earlier!

And so, up to date … OK, so I left a lot out. If I am honest, the way I was at the start of the year I am choosing to forget now. I don’t want to and I don’t need to. It was horrible, I know that much and, right now, I don’t feel that way

One lesson learnt this year was, don’t let anyone shit on you. It doesn’t matter how much they’ve pretended to be close before, if they shit on you then, perhaps you are seeing something your generosity of spirit stopped you seeing before.

I hope my readers have a wonderful 2014


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