Summer Update

First, a thought of the day …

Life would be so ‘every day’ if we didn’t have it shaken up a bit, tossed about in a muddle, dropped and we had to sort it all out, pick up the pieces and get it back together again, different but, maybe ‘better’ than before.

None of us should ever think that what we have is ‘it’. Life goes on and around in weird, funny little twists and turns at times and we should just enjoy it, go with the flow and find the little pleasures in it.

Don’t be afraid of ‘different’. Once upon a time, everything we ever knew was different, every passing moment a new experience, a new way of thinking. We survived that, we can survive anything.

Live life to the full, embrace it, life is an adventure until the final great adventure.

Now, what’s been going on?

Visa application submitted in July and can take up to 12 weeks to process which is until October 13th to save anyone working things out. That’s all we can do to be honest. We think we’ve got things all sorted and correct so it’s a waiting game.

Some aspects of life are poo. Someone I did a lot for over the years has treated me like absolute poo and I didn’t deserve it but, them being a bad person isn’t going to stop me being a good one.

I’ve had some very real issue with the DWP (the people who pay state benefits here), they got so much wrong with my claim that it’s had to go to a full blown complaint being properly investigated. The catalogue of errors was huge and totally unacceptable.

The Police have been the subject of a complaint also concerning a series of incidents earlier this year and last they, in my opinion, failed to investigate as they should have done. That appeal is ongoing so something may still be done and justice seen to be served but, this is Northampton, I don’t hold out much hope!

I won a staggering £35 on the European Lottery (yay).

Earlier in the year my Dad was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia following surgery. His condition was bad. He didn’t seem to recognise anyway. He was put into a care home with a prognosis which would lead to a degeneration to the point he’d be unable to cope with anything in life BUT, he’s made a near full recovery.

He’s going to be living with us on a short term basis until we can establish something more to his needs and wishes.

I have some relaxation time next week for a few days that I am looking forward to muchly.

I’ve let my gym attendance go, not happy with that and need to up my game.

I could write more but, then you don’t need to write or call  😉

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