Nearly November

Did I update everyone on the ‘Jo’ situation?

My apologies, I should have done.

During August the decision came through, it had been rejected. I could see why though and it seemed quite a quick fix, another few hundred £’s but it would have been accepted, I am sure of it. However, Jo decided he didn’t want to appeal. He wanted the decision to stand and just leave it. I remember once, when I was there, if we could not just have a long distance relationship. I explained why there were so many reasons that wouldn’t work for me. Of course, I was a little stupid, perhaps a lot stupid and, turns out all he was really after was my money. I sent over rather a lot after my visit. I thought I could trust him you see. He said he wasn’t getting his wages, I believed him and sent over around £160 every 4 weeks. I paid over £300 to clear his debt on the motorbike he has, I spent nearly £2000 on legal fees and visa fees, another £600+ on flights and accommodation, paid for an English course for him, another £100 or so, this is what it looks like to be foolish and gullible.

Anyway, suffice to say my eyes were finally opened and that was that. It did hurt, obviously it did because it totally changed the direction of my life and it’s left me with a large debt I can barely afford but, like everything, it’s likely for a reason and I can move on financially hopefully next year.

It is with some regret that I chose to go with Jo, I know now that I should have waited, seen who else would come along but, yet again, I can’t second guess myself like that or time travel so I shall just have to go with what I can go with.

I am still reasonably healthy, in need of going back to the gym, I probably should spend more time with friends.

Dad is still living here, that’s likely going to be the case until next year some time. Things are well progressed there with what needed to be sorted so we’re looking for a happy outcome maybe in January.

Am still dealing with my complaint to the DWP, at least now they’re admitting they got something wrong.

I went through a huge period of severe depression, hit the bottom and bounced back up … I really wish people would not think telling me to pull myself together or think how much better off I am than someone else is going to solve anything, all it does it shows me how ignorant they are of mental health issues. What I need is friends who genuinely care and can be there with the hugs.

Needless to say, no holidays even considered for 2015. I do have a fair few of the Christmas gifts I am going to buy, it’s going to be quite tight this year though.

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