Well, plans I thought I may have for Christmas don’t seem likely now. Not entirely sure what direction it’s going to go in but I am sure it’ll be sorted before the big day.

In the meantime, Christmas has started early here at Williams Towers. We’re watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. I’ve completed all my shopping now (How awesome is that).

Tonight, being November 5th, is fireworks night and we’re heading down to town for the free show there as a family except for Sean who is yet to learn how important it is to grab every quality moment with the kids when they’re young … I am still going to try and persuade him again though, I am sure he’d enjoy it.

Dad has placed an offer in for the Essex flat which has been accepted so full steam ahead on that one.

I was up way too late last night because I didn’t have any plans for this morning. Had a lovely chat with Randy over there in the Philippines until nearly 3am. Of course, as these things tend to be, our Joshua didn’t play ball this morning so granddad was woken up after 5 hours sleep to take him to school. I may need a short nap now to catch up on sleep before the fireworks later.

Of course, not everyone worldwide understand the significance of November 5th in the UK. Anyway, it goes back to 1605 and involved a man called Guy Fawkes who. along with several others, thought it would be jolly to blow up the government. It didn’t go so well for him … read more here

About this blog

It’s been speculated that some of it might be made up, have certain aspects ‘bigged up’ to read better. Sadly, it is what it is. A collection of moments as they were. For legal reasons, certain episodes, very significant ones, had to be removed. Some day I’d like to add them again, tell the story as it was but, it’ll have to wait until such time as the person behind them runs out of luck.


Fireworks this evening, an outing on 15th and a cinema trip at the end of the month to see Disney’s Aladdin. Yes, I know it’s old but, I never saw it at the cinema so will be good.

Am liking the idea of a masquerade ball at home where everyone wears a mask and dresses up as smart as they can manage …

Enough for now I think

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