Nearly Christmas

Well, I stopped driving, that just got way too risky. Surgery due for next Tuesday in the afternoon, hell, they should have made it late Christmas Eve! I keep panicking it’s going to get cancelled.

Ironically, after getting Matt & Anne to take Jermaine’s gift up to him, he’ll be here on Christmas Eve

I am getting that need to be in the Philippines … I’ll just pretend I can afford it to make me feel better

Been hearing a lot of stories recently about nasty things being said of me, bothers the hell out of me that otherwise decent people are spreading horrible lies about me. The more they share the information the more others will say there is no smoke without fire. People just don’t realise the damage they can cause with their gossip.

Just when I thought everything was sorted with the sale of Dad’s bungalow, someone who shall remain nameless, has gone and put a spanner in the works! The property is sold but someone is blocking the money intentionally, it’s all rather annoying.

Back to the Philippines and, annoyingly, I feel like I might have discovered someone I could be really happy with who ticks all the right boxes and yet … that damn immigration and money thing again so. I now don’t want to look for anyone else but, in reality, don’t actually have someone  – annoying.

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