1st Week of Feb, time for an update

I finally got to see my GP, what fun and games that was!

I made an appointment for my own GP to call me. Our surgery is weird because we do this using an automated system between midnight and 7am. She called me in the morning, concluded I needed to see someone and made an appointment, a double, for a locum as they are several doctors short of a surgery.

The locum kept me waiting for half hour and then within the time of a single appointment she dismissed me suggesting I come back in two weeks if I didn’t feel better. I’d explained my background, how I don’t go for little things and that this has been as it is for many months but she just sent me away.

So, I got a meeting with the practise manager and explained it all to her. She arranged for me to come back for the drop-in session 2 hours later where I had to ask for the deputy manager to ensure I got seen by my GP. Saw dep manager at 3pm and she asked me to wait. I was about to call downstairs to ask if I’d been forgotten when a text came through telling my appointment was at 3:35! Eventually saw my own GP at around 3:45.

Now I am on Citalopram and she’s booked me in for counselling. I have had my medication changed for my allergies too, let’s see if that makes a difference.

On another note …


Yes, I really am fed up with so many gay men thinking sex comes before everything else. Sure, I have the age old problem of so many gay men dismissing me when they find out about what they perceive to be my ‘baggage’ but which I call my ‘family’, well, who needs that sort?! Anyone who does show an interest seems to want to have sex first and see how it goes so …

I plan to remain single. I know where I stand with me, no more messing about. I could have none of the men I’ve wanted for one reason or another so, perhaps I am only attracted to men I can’t have so why bother looking?

On another note …

Still waiting for the council to sort out the benefits mess, grrr, taking too long and costing me so much!

On another note still …

Dad moved into his flat last Saturday, he seems to be doing OK.

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