New Look, well, old look revisited

2015-02-26 23-44-05.031

Hair short again, new specs (purple) … overweight!

The glasses are a freebie from Vision Express as I am still waiting, over a month later, for the ones I ordered!

I stopped taken the anti depression meds. I did feel some improvement with them but, I don’t much want to lose every morning and there was an issue they caused which I also didn’t much approve of. I have counselling soon anyway so let’s see what that does.


OMG! I am going to Download in June …. Muse, Hollywood Undead and loads of other bands you’ve probably never heard of but, even if it is raining and cold, how awesome is that! My first ever festival … OK, so no camping and getting drunk but, maybe next year though, they’d have to go some to top Muse.


Leonard Nimoy died (84), how sad. True, he couldn’t sing to save his life, his acting was exactly amazing but, he was Spock.


I so couldn’t resist this baby. Sure, I’m broke but, all the same, part of my getting well is getting things sorted that I need sorted. My current PC is good but, as the main household unit there were some failings and that isn’t acceptable.

It’s Official …. I am definitely considering the possibility of maybe moving on with some aspects of my life, we shall see, watch this space.

Was lovely to see Pete the other day and Chris, so glad he’s feeling better. Good also to have the occasional text from those I didn’t really pay much attention to but who’ve made a real effort to stay in touch with me since I left Facebook. I am still not really considering singing in again any time soon.

Looks like Northampton Borough Council might actually be getting their act in gear and sorting out my benefit claim on Monday … I won’t be holding my breath waiting though.

The Navigation thing in my car is playing up, trying to convince me I am using non Nissan software! Went into Nissan and they told me if I fork out £180 or so for new software it ‘might’ solve it. I told them to jog on!

Seems as though Robin may be getting his car within a couple of weeks too! It’s all happening now.

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