Techie Stuff

Am in the process of cloning Zoey’s hard drive on to a new super fast SSD drive, that’s step one of the kick up the arse improvement program. Next step is to physically replace the HDD with the SSD keeping the SSD as a back-up. Then the new RAM is inserted followed by the new Graphics Card … once that’s all done she should have a lovely fast machine!

Next Job

Dinner with Robin

After That ….

Hopefully my new PC will arrive. I might get away with simply moving my SSD into the new machine and the extra HHD’s into it too. I might go for a clean install though which will obviously take a lot longer!

And then … (special customer)

My old system goes to Sean who does what the hell he wants, his machine probably goes to Daisy so they both have a PC in their lounge meaning no more complaints from Daisy her laptop is too slow!

And finally?

I think that’s it …. except … went to the wellbeing clinic earlier, I’ve been given some homework and advice. I need to say ‘no’ a lot more a mean it and I need to make it perfectly clear to those who are treating me unacceptably that I’ll back off from them unless they treat me as I deserve, both those are going to be a challenge!

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