I finally discovered why my PC wasn’t working. Not that your interested in techie stuff (but I am going to tell you anyway) … the Power Supply (PSU) wasn’t able to cope with the hardware I needed to add to the PC so I took too long working that out but once I twigged, I got the one that came with it swapped over for my older and more powerful unit. It still objects to some of the hard drives but they do now all work and it can get the updates it needs, seems to be running OK.

Am loving the new headphones, I can now listen to music or watch a video in privacy and quiet so I get some valuable my space and others don’t have to be woken up by loud music at 1am!

What is it with the Tories? Have they become so arrogant that they feel they can afford to be blatant about it? At least previously they tried a little pretend to not openly say they believed they were above mere mortals, now they don’t seem to care! Cameron and his announcement of what democracy we can expect with TV debates! What a complete and utter arsehole. As for the SNP and their thinking they might well have the right to run the UK if they take enough seats from Labour well, they can go do one because the UK is not going to be run for the benefit of Scotland any more than it should be run for the benefit of England and the SNP will only be interest in the Scottish self interest! Now, which MP was it who told us all recently we need to stop tactical voting and vote for the person we feel is the right one for the job? Damn fool idea that is! You’d get people voting the Greens (Who can’t recall their own policies) or mad UKIP, a party who have a set of policies they only share with the voters and not anything their candidates seem overly concerned by, they are far more interested in getting rid of all those nasty immigrants (except their own immigrants who are OK), if they can get the poofters out too then that’s an added bonus and then they want to go home to their women who they believe should be raising children and doing the cleaning! Liberal Democrats seem to have some strange notion that they have been in government achieving things, how weird! All they have actually achieved is to hold back the Tories on some (and only some) of their more nasty policies and they’ve managed to get themselves blamed for just about everything which went wrong since they got their jobs! Not that anyone could have seen that one coming! Perhaps had they been less interested in arse licking and keeping their jobs and more interested in a moral standard and policy things would have been different, Clegg can only suck Cameron for so long before the voters stop seeing him as anything more than a dick who sucks up to a dick! Labour, bless them … the wrong man one as often happens in party elections so now they have an uphill struggle to convince people that a man who always sounds like he feels sorry for himself can run the country. He should have gone seen a voice coach, it worked for Thatcher and would have done for him, he needs to speak less apologetically and more assertive.

Medically, back to me for a bit, I am getting CBT, it means not a lot of one to one and a lot of reading on the other. It’s good to read stuff anyway if I am honest. I do wish it wasn’t written like I only had one issue, one complication in life. It makes it quite difficult to relate things to my own set of unique circumstances. It also means I read a lot that is stuff I’ve already been aware of know it doesn’t work for me. Saying ‘no’ more often merely reduces one aspect of a problem because some issues do not justify a ‘no’ because those needing me to do something don’t have someone else and me refusing just screws their life up too and I need them for me as well, it’s more complicated that it seems, not everyone who is a pain up the arse doesn’t also have values which are important to me, not everyone who asks for my help is a taker and if I don’t remember that I end up chucking the baby with the bathwater.

I need to keep a check on the glasses situation. These are OK but not having the vision clear when I look down has meant me walking into things sometimes, no damage done but rather awkward! That said, the other day I heard Danny getting rather upset, I could hear him but, hearing aids being crap like they are, I couldn’t work out a direction so I had to walk around … poor love, good job I wasn’t walking fast as I walked right into him!

Weight loss isn’t really happening. I am not huge but am still uncomfortably on the large size and I really don’t like that look when I sit down and my belly pop out my t-shirt.

Missing Anne and the kids so am going to try and visit again this afternoon. I speak to Matt quite a lot one way or another so that’s OK. It’s one of the issues not being on Facebook, I don’t get to find out what the kids are doing, see the little videos and such like and I do miss that.

Hmm, meant to have seen Tyler just after Christmas for a coffee, it is long enough after Christmas yet or didn’t we agree on a year?  LOL

Nearly got all the new stickers I need to colour my office, have gone for a very specific theme of stuff which makes me smile or reminders of what is important to me so, should be quite good and will place a uniqueness on the room. I discovered a site called ‘redbubble’ and they are a great source to get hold of things I’ve just not seen anywhere else, stickers, t-shirts and other specific things and they don’t take the ‘P’ with pricing either!

As for pricing, noticed that the price of fuel seems to be creeping way up again, around £1.18 here again now which is strange as I’ve not read the price of oil going up again.

Northampton Borough Council are really annoying me! They are so incompetent it’s unbelievable! No way should someone running a department dedicated to calculating the facts be unable to put the facts into figures and reach the right results! If the man at the top can’t do it, what chance for everyone he is employing! Apparently, despite several letters to the contrary, despite physical proof, they still insist Daisy is earning £96 a week and in receipt of tax credits she stopped getting three months ago, even though they know they have this information! Do you know, when we lost our last bit of housing benefit when the bedroom subsidy was introduced what they told me was that they couldn’t pay any more housing benefit because of our circumstances … what they didn’t tell me was that if my circumstances changed I’d have to reapply for Housing Benefit. Even though in countless phone calls and letters they acknowledge I am notifying them of a change which might affect my benefit entitlement, at no time did someone mention I needed to apply for it! All they told me was that I was not entitled to Housing Benefit. What they were doing is like this scenario:

Someone walks into the jobcentre and tells staff they got to the end of their contract and now are not working and the nice person at the counter notifies them they don’t have an entitlement to JSA. That statement is perfectly true, they don’t. But, the key part deliberately not being mentioned is that they are entitled to make a claim and, if they do, they most likely then will be entitled to JSA!

So, this is what happened, they didn’t tell me the true nature of the claim so were honestly telling me I didn’t have an entitlement whereas what they should have done was advised me to make a new claim so they could assess it properly!

They know they made  cock up at every opportunity there and have agreed to back date the claim to August last year and get things right. But, as they have failed to do this thus far with council tax, I am not overly optimistic they’d get any housing benefit entitlement sorted.

Robin, Ford were messing him about just like they did with me when I tried to get a car from them, their dealers have no control over the delivery process and, as such, no way of telling a customer how long they have to wait. Robin had been waiting around 3 months with no assurances of how much longer this might be, they were voicing a maybe for April some time! Anyway, that car got cancelled and it looks like he might be getting a lovely Nissan Juke. He might have to wait up to 14 weeks for it but, the attitude of the sales people is totally different, they leave Robin, and me, feeling like they care what happens. The attitude at Fords was that they do customers this huge great favour taking an order then sitting on their arse all day looking at a computer screen!

Time for lunch I think

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