TV Watching

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Watched the first episode of ‘Constantine’ last night. It’s potentially a little scary but, a good series, well, looks like it could be so, another to add to the ever growing list of TV I am either watching or intending to watch …. total fail so far on ‘Breaking Bad’ which I have not even started despite there now being a spin-off series, I need to get going on that.


Currently on Season 6 of Stargate SG1, half way through that and still enjoying it.

My new found love of watching TV comes with regaining control of my lounge, it’s a huge benefit to me to have somewhere to escape to. I do think that I need to leave my phone out the room, can’t seem to ever watch anything all the way through without interruptions. As I’ve always said, if it’s REALLY urgent we have the house phone.

‘Agents of Shield’ is back, we need to watch that, not even started on ‘Agent Carter’ yet, same goes for ‘Warehouse 13’. I am up to date on ‘Bar Rescue’ and just find it so easy to watch.

I have not and have no plans to watch any soaps or mainstream TV, certainly not ‘as it happens’ as I do not do adverts!

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