Not a good day

For some reason today has not been good. Last night I was up a little late but, that’s normal for me. Thing is, I felt physically ill and weak. That’s carried on today as well, no doubt some sort of bug. I had a nap earlier, was meant to be a quick, hour or so catch up, it was several hours and I felt I could stay there all night.

Damn depression has kicked in again, been pushing myself through it rather a lot, that’s quite tiring.

Somewhat fed up with what the doctor reckons are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis but I am not so sure. I get very sore spots all over the place, itchy to the point of wanting to scratch my skin off and scabs on my head like I have a serious flea issue (I don’t) Generally just rather unpleasant, not sure what else to do about it if the doctor seems convinced it’s the rhinitis and just wants to keep experimenting with new meds.

With some good fortune I might wake tomorrow feeling altogether different. I don’t have any plans this week other than trying daily to communicate with Randy which just seems to keep not happening. It’s his birthday Friday, no doubt he’ll be convincing himself he’s just one step closer to the grave because he’s an old man! He’s the same age as me, I thinking I’ve only just taken my first steps out the cradle … glass half empty or half full?

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