Happy Birthday to Randy

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Yes, my good friend Randy is 52 years old. He’d tell you he’s ancient but, anyone who knows me and remembers that I’ll be 52 in June, will know, he’d never get away with that! I do not consider and will never consider 52 to be old! It’s the sort of age when some of us are still thinking we might be too young to commit to a whole new life direction, that’d be for after retirement and then, a great many people don’t consider gardening their only option when there is a whole world of experiences out there.

I know that we can get to yet another birthday, especially when we’re alone and wonder, is this it? Is this how the rest of my life is going? Well, it could be but then, quite possibly we’ve got another 40 years or so which means we’d have been equally justified asking the same dumb question when we were 10!

Life just switches and changes all over the place, not much easier to predict than the weather. Our attitude to life is what steers us, actually having some ambition will drive us to achieve our objectives and dreams.

So, my very good friend Randy … you’re not old, just 52 whatever significance that has which, compared to 51, isn’t a lot really. Age is just a number, there was a time when we didn’t have months and years like we do now, quite a lot of that sort of thing is very recent in historical terms so, before we knew how old we were, did we care?

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