I thought I’d do some tweaking with the blog earlier, thankfully I also had an inclination to back up the entire server space. My tweaking totally screwed things up and my blog looked like it was written in notepad!

The back-up file did the trick though and everything should now hopefully be restored!

Meanwhile … earlier on, at a brief loose end I found myself in M&S at Sixfields. I didn’t even know they had a café but they do so, fancying a slice of bakewell and a flat white I wandered over. The general conversation was as ‘one’ might expect. The ladies before me had ordered some Earl Grey and some Green Tea and spoke like they had horses outside, the ladies behind me were similar, beige coat, fur hat sort of thing and a handbag, his wife was dressed similar  😉

I found myself automatically dropping in to posh speak when I ordered my bakewell and coffee, quite relaxed and enjoying the moment. The lady serving, lovely woman, somewhere like Sheffield she came from if I had to guess. Well, she had that put on well spoken voice too. She told me the amount but was a little hesitant until she realised I was paying by card.

“Put your thing in the hole” she said

I replied, “I’ve not had an invitation like that for a while”

Oops, it just seemed to slip out (no pun intended). Seemed to be a bit of an ice breaker as the place came to a standstill for a while whilst both staff and customers composed themselves from laughing so much.

It was good to cross the social divide and create some happiness.

By the way, they do ever so good bakewell tarts and flat white.

Additionally meanwhile … The new SD card for the SatNav should arrive in the morning, about time and let’s hope that works AND, my originally ordered pair of glasses should be with me by next Wednesday, they’ve just taken two months and seems high level, beyond branch management are now involved.

In my next blog entry I am hoping to post some pictures of the newly decorated office with all the stickers and licence plates I’ve been building up here.

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