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David Mackintosh Conservative Party

I know it is tempting to think of the May elections as a choice between David Cameron and Ed Milliband, some may feel they’d be voting for Clegg or Firage too, who know, it doesn’t much matter because, none of those will be representing Northampton or, I suppose, giving a moments thought to the place after the election.

One of the people above will be our the one representing us for the next 5 years.

It is tempting to vote for the ones who always get voted for, if you’re true blue then it doesn’t much matter what you know about David Mackintosh, you’ll vote for him any way, same goes for the other parties.

Now, I only know of David Mackintosh and what he has done with Northampton Council and I am not happy at all. We’ve all see huge cuts in services, road lights off, fewer rubbish collections, terrible roads and all under his leadership whilst, at the same time, we’ve seen these huge cost window dressing properties which do nothing to enhance the town. Under his leadership we’ve seen a bus station which wasn’t fit for purpose built at a great cost along with a totally over the top railway station allegedly to encourage people into the two … how does that work? I mean, I’ve never once considered the state of a station when I considered going somewhere, I am far more interested in the quality of service, the cost of the service and the geography, how easy is it to get from where the train stops to where I am going. None of those issues were solved. We have the second huge cost attempt to get the roundabout by the gas works sorted, huge traffic problems for months and no assurance that the traffic flow will be improved this time any more than last time they did this. The new multi-million pound council offices, we sure don’t need those at this time. The parking situation at the hospital has still not improved.

In short, David Mackintosh has done precious little for this town except get himself in the limelight, he certainly likes the camera. His predecessor, long may he remain out of politics was near useless. I have personal experience of the man and I have colleagues who also share the experience that he didn’t even respond to situations he personally didn’t agree with. He, along with David Mackintosh, is a well off Conservative who wanted and want this town to be all jolly nice for their wealthy pals yet have little interest for the tax payers who pay for everything here.

So, the only thing I know for a fact is, I am not giving my vote to Mackintosh, he’s already got a job anyway and I don’t approve of MP’s being anything other than MP’s.

I still have not done research on the other candidates so I cannot say with any certainty which I will give my vote to. Of course, there is tactical voting, if I know I don’t want a Tory, the only option is to vote Labour on the basis that anything is better than Conservative!

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