Dallington Grange

Well, it looks as though the plans are in again for the new housing development at the end of our road. Where we live is going to get a whole lot busier as it becomes one of three access points for the new estate which is to incorporate two new schools, various shops, community centre and pub. None of this particularly bothers me, people have to live somewhere after all. If I have a concern it is as petty as petty get … how will the cats survive? They barely make it across the road outside to the allotments as it is with minimal traffic, no doubt they’ll be in big trouble as we start to get construction and later increased residents traffic. On the plus side, doing my NIMBY bit, we won’t be getting dog walkers cars parked in our parking spaces as they’ll have nowhere to take their dogs!

Practically speaking, it might be worth Sean & Daisy holding fire on moving out any time soon as this promises to offer a lot of quality housing in the right area for them if they’re prepared to hang it out. It’s even slightly closer to where Sean works and, with the new schools, it could be a good option for them.

From my own perspective, I think if the Council are in bargaining mode, with a huge house here I might push for a swap with a three bedroom place over there. Better they lose a 3 bedroom and gain a 6 bedroom in my opinion. If they don’t agree I shall just get lodgers in and get an income from the place. Yes, I know that seems terribly unfair but, you work with what you have in this life.

My chest, changing the subject slightly, seems a little better today. I got some antibiotics yesterday. I have only noticed a slight improvement with regard to the allergy rashes I keep getting so I guess that’s a case of keep taking the tablets … new meds these which are some of the strongest available and yes, GP was right, they do make me drowsy … even more than usual!

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