Oh, by the way

Went over to see Jermaine earlier.

2015-04-11 12.43.15

He wasn’t in such a good mood today, told me to ‘Get out’, well, shouted at me actually. I ignored him and after half an hour managed to get a hug. I love him to bits but, at the same time, and I know this comes across as selfish, it’s really distressing seeing him like this and there is totally nothing I can do about it. I can’t communicate in any meaningful way and neither can he. As a parent, and knowing it’s not true, I still feel like I am letting him down … the joys of parenting, knowing one thing and feeling another.

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  1. Hun, you have never nor ever will let Jermaine down. all you have ever done for him is you most loving best. In his own way he loves you and knows that you are hurting and that you care too.

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