Is a bit chilly!

Had a lovely afternoon with the family running around, chucking and kicking balls, playing tag and so on.

Am told tomorrow will be warmer at 19° and sunny …. yay

Been adding some people on Facebook, thought I’d make the effort and seek out who was now online. I was reminded yesterday why I have to be careful on Facebook. Remember I was saying about the damage gossip can cause? Well, I wrote a comment a couple of days back about drugs use in the town and how the police seem to do so little about the known drug dealers. After all, if they are obvious to someone who has nothing at all to do with the drugs scene, they sure as hell should be aware of who is behind it all.

Anyway, someone followed me by making accusations that this family of mine walk a fine line with the police and social services so I had no right to comment. They clearly believe that nonsense so they are repeating what someone else originally made up. On from that, others might read it and believe there is no smoke without fire and want to know what we’ve been up to. The fact that there is no ‘up’ to have been to doesn’t seem to much matter!

Online is one of the worst possible places to trust people and yet, we still do it. It doesn’t help that the management at Facebook seems to turn a blind eye to such things.

Am still feeling the need for a holiday, soon, very soon!

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