Election Over – Thankfully

Not overly happy with the result but, not the end of the world (I hope)

Am finally getting my finances back on track, right on schedule so I am happy with that. It means I will soon be able to travel somewhere and that has to be a good thing as I do so miss travelling places … I’ll settle for the UK at this rate! I might be able to and I may have some money soon but, not for anything big, I’ll leave those in the bucket list for now.

I need to spend some more social time with friends, not seen Chris or Tyler for a long while, actually, still waiting for that coffee with Tyler since last year, guess you’re still busy with all the Christmas stuff  😉

Chris Tilcock Tyler Leeding

Avengers, Age of Ultron, sort of awesome and the tie in with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a lovely touch as well. Amazingly pleased to discover it has been renewed for a further season as has Agent Carter.

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Sadly, Constantine has been officially cancelled now so we’ve seen the last of it. It’s a shame as it held promise. Main problem with it was that the main character just wasn’t likeable in any way. He is a chain smoking drunk, doesn’t go down too well that.

I’ve been having a clear out around the house. With Sean & Daisy now finally on the council waiting list I don’t intend waiting until they go to downsize. Went through the cutlery, a lot of knives missing and not one complete set of anything!

2014-03-21 11.11.28That was me a year ago, I need to get back to that look. I’ve got myself out of shape or, more into a different shape, a much larger one! I looked good a year ago!

I was a stone lighter, that’s 14 pounds to those foreign types or 6.3kgs and I felt good too (or so I was told)  😉

Am putting the negatives behind me now and moving forward with a new optimism that just about everything will now be so much better

With regard to travel, I need to replace some cups and saucers, I know what I want but I can’t get it here but can get it in France so a few cheap days there thanks to Tesco vouchers might be called for. I need to thin out my collection of glassware as well. It sits in the cupboard month after month not touched at all.

I finally charged up the batteries in my camera though one is missing so I need to buy a new one. Actually, I can’t recall whether or not I had 3 or 4 as either would make sense because the camera can take one but I have an accessory which takes two.

Anne is doing really well as Zoey’s new Personal Assistant. Am really pleased about that.


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