Busy day

2015-05-11 10.38.23None of this is complaint, I think I might have enjoyed it but it was a whirlwind of a day!

Good times with Zach earlier. I should have set my alarm though because I was awake at 7 and then just checking the clock each 15 minutes until 8:45.

Then I only just allowed enough time to get both Zach and Danny lunch before dashing back in time for their nursery.

Dropped Danny off then met with John in town for a quick drink then to Robin for a flying visit and then I had to drop Daisy off to collect Danny whilst I headed to the other side of town to get Kris’s two from school.

Got those arrangements somewhat confused so wasn’t sure just where or when I was meant to collect them so did a lot of waiting around.

Got back for a brief break which really wasn’t before flying off to collect Sean from work followed by Kris on the way back.

Kris had surgery today so is getting over that. She and Latina have my bed, I get the sofa.

Need to get up at some silly time in the morning to do another school run then might need to get some sleep so I can be awake enough to go to the theatre in the evening with Robin.

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