Molly, RIP

2012-01-17 - _74

Her condition changed so quickly we thought she might have had a fall but it turned out it was more serious than that and there was nothing at all the vet could do for except put her to sleep, out of pain. Bless her, she looked and sounded so scared, sad and in pain this morning it was almost a blessing to watch her slip peacefully away terribly upsetting though it was.

The first vets we took her to last night were appalling, only interested in money and a lot of it. They misdiagnosed Molly and left her in pain longer than she needed to be. VetsNow need to be investigated and possibly shut down for what they did.

I cannot praise Vets4You in Northampton enough, they were excellent and showed real compassion to Molly and us at a difficult time.

Killing a pet, because that’s what we’re talking about here, is a hugely tough decision. The very least we could do was to stay there with her as it happened. I couldn’t do it to her to prolong her suffering for our benefit knowing she likely would never get better, more likely get worse. It was the right decision and she’ll be missed. If I am honest, particularly by me. Though I didn’t want her and tried to get shot of her at first she became for some reason, attached to me. Everyone else she would go for but not me. It was like in some silly way I had a little furry friend who wouldn’t hurt me unlike so many human ‘friends’ have done over the years. She could’ve if she wanted to but chose not to and I valued that.

I hope my mum likes cats because now she has another one to look after.

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