Busy Day

Had a lovely trip down to Essex earlier. There was an amazing lack of traffic. I cannot remember the last time I managed there and back without any sort of hitch at all, no hold up, no roads works, nothing. Not even the usual idiotic Sunday drivers!

So, that means I was painfully earlier than I should have been meaning a lot of waiting around at the ex in laws house to go out for a mean. That then meant I was late for getting over to Dad’s in Wickford which proved a good thing because he’d forgotten to tell me he was going out! So, as it happens, I just needed to wait 20 minutes for him to turn up and everything was good. Also met my cousin for the first time in a great many years. As a gay man I think I can get away with saying she still looks beautiful, her face always smiles, or so it has always seemed to me.

I got a missed call whilst I was out, well, several missed calls from one person or another. One in particular.

Not going into too many details but, I really don’t think I can trust and certainly not get involved with someone who is an alcoholic. I mean a genuine alcoholic, not just someone who drinks too much occasionally. He promises me he’s giving up yet the other day he went out on a bender as he calls it. His excuse was that his life is stressful. I feel if I went any further down that road, my life too would be very stressful and, I can’t do that to myself. It’s time I learnt that when I see a train coming toward me, it’s time to get off the tracks.

I know the person in question isn’t on the interweb so, he won’t read this but, I think I will just have to tell him that I am very sorry but, the answer is no, I can’t do it.

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